Zen or Manic Monday?

Today I woke up at 4:30 AM before my first alarm went off. I know we can’t always wake up that early, but when you do you make the best of it. So today with the intent of starting the day right, I got in my 30 minutes of yoga ,did my quickie 5 min meditation, did all the stretches prescribed by my physical therapist. Yes, yes, at 40 I have seen the physical therapist a thousand times already, thanks to having a career in dentistry. I work to make money, but then I have to return that money to the massage therapists and physical therapists to stay limber. The irony of it all!

So now it’s 7am and I made myself a Matcha almond milk latte -yum-, and I took my leisurely 20 minute walk to work. I was starting the day off on a GREAT note, until work intervened.

As a 40-year-old single woman with no kids you would think that I can determine how my day pans out ,and I have some control over my own schedule. Nope. Most days I don’t even know where the day went. I always intend to be “in the moment” but I’m lucky if I have time to eat my breakfast, lunch or go to the bathroom. You may think that’s atypical but that is a basic day in a dentist’s life. We run around like headless chickens going back-and-forth trying to keep up with the endless demands that are put on us. To add insult to injury we don’t even get to hustle in a cute outfit, these days thanks to covid we are covered up head to toe in PPE.

I just think life is too short for us to be constantly running on these little wheels like little hamsters, faster and faster until we just crash.

So the end of the day comes, of course a few hours later than expected, and I am a dead woman walking.

I know there is another version of my life waiting for me, with peace, health, and mindfulness.

I started this day with a mindful state of mind, the day took it away from me for the most part, but I came back to my Zen space by taking the time to write this blog .

My take home message from today’s experience was that ,we all need to learn to prioritize ourselves and our needs, and not just our work and to-do lists.

2 thoughts on “Zen or Manic Monday?”

  1. I hope you find your way off the hamster wheel sooner rather than later! Life is too short and dentistry is so demanding- I’m a hygienist, and I have decided that it just isn’t worth it for me! I need to slow down and enjoy my time! I’ll be excited to follow your journey!


    1. Hamster wheel indeed, life is truly too short , so glad to hear you have made the decision to slow down and enjoy life . I am happy that at least I am looking for alternatives at 40 rather than 50. Thank you for your support 🙂


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