The Dentist Vision Board , Building Something Beautiful

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on Pexels.com

I spent the better part of today with a friend who buys these run down homes, flips them and turns them into something beautiful.

We have all seen amazing before and after projects on HGTV, but to actually walk into a rundown house that smells and looks disgusting, and then walk back in to that same space to find a completely new and transformed space is just so rewarding.

There is a reason they call it flipping is because it is literally like flipping a coin from heads to tails, two opposite ends of a body.

When I think about dentistry, in many ways what we do is like flipping homes.

We see a broken and worn down unhealthy mouth, then we come up with a grand plan a.k.a. the comprehensive treatment plan, and we start by drilling away- literally- at that final grand plan one quadrant at a time, I know only dentists will get this one, but I couldn’t resist.

We have learned the skills to envision a final product, and the skills to come up with a creative way to achieve that vision. So wouldn’t it make sense that we could apply that same envisioning skill to really any other field we want?

Yet so many of us feel stuck and can’t even imagine doing anything else. So much so that we can’t even envision our next step. When in reality we are envisioning and planning grand plans every day.

I for one am planning to use my comprehensive treatment plan skills to envision what I can build, outside of a healthy mouth 🙂 . It probably will take some time to envision a new life & career instead of a healthy well restored mouth, but just like dentistry we excel only by practicing. That’s why they call it “The Practice of Dentistry”.

Happy Envisioning and Happy Building Something Beautiful!

2 thoughts on “The Dentist Vision Board , Building Something Beautiful”

  1. That is so true and such a good way to look at it. It actually makes me think about all of the transferable skills we have to other fields. Seeing the picture of that kitchen makes me think of my own kitchen remodel. A few years ago I redesigned it all myself (well, not entirely myself– with the help of Pinterest and Houzz.) It was so much fun, and now I love designing kitchens. If I didn’t already have my second career, I would consider something in the realm or remodeling or design. I never would have allowed myself that space while still in practice, but now I recognize how I could pursue that if I didn’t enjoy what I’m currently doing. It’s cool how we can shift in that way.

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