Goodbye 2020, Welcome 2021

To stay that 2020 was the strangest year of most of our lives is an under statement, and believe me I have seen quite a bit over the years and in my childhood, but 2020 has it’s own category.

A part of me feels like the year just passed bye in a flash, and another part of me feels like it was the longest year of my life.

I like many others have had some major challenges and it’s been a very difficult year overall, it feels as if I have been traveling in a dark tunnel all year with no flashlight. However as 2020 comes to and end, and we head into 2021 there is a distant light visible at the end of that tunnel.

The universe has a way to make you so uncomfortable and so desperate, to literally MAKE you move and make a change. Not all paths are free and clear of obstacles, very few are lucky enough to find that golden light lit clear path in life. If we can accept that those obstacles are placed in our path, strategically, to help move us and motivate us to make those necessary changes we so need, and perhaps avoid, we are one step ahead.

For me personally 2020 was a hard reset, reset of my personal and professional life. I am not quite sure what awaits me in 2021 but I do see that glimpse of a light in the end of this long dark tunnel.

What I can offer you is that, whatever your challenges have been this year or in the past, really look for the silver lining , the positive change that arose from your hardship, there is always one, even if hidden. Once you find it, nurture it and follow it, because it is the universe telling you something.

Happy New year and Happy hunting for the light at the end of your tunnel.

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